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“BUIGMEESTERS by Therm Control Buigen” with 4.0 solutions!

Faster service with better quality will translate into exponential business growth in the Netherlands.

On its way to completing 38 years of activity, “BUIGMEESTERS by Therm Control Buigen”, a company specialized in technology and bending solutions, located in HC’s Gravenzande, is today a modernized and future-proof company, with the support of AMOB and its partner TUWI, as the main supplier of tube bending machines and state-of-the-art technologies, whose solutions, oriented to industry 4.0, have been revolutionizing the production processes.

“Quality is a fundamental concept for us. We believe that delivering a quality product is the key to success, that’s why we work hard every day and do everything in our power to achieve that success, that’s why we chose the AMOB group to supply this new bending machine – eMOB 80” says John van Hagen CEO of “BUIGMEESTERS by Therm Control Buigen”.


  • R. Padre Domingos Joaquim Pereira, 4760 Louro, Portugal
  • AMOB Group