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Silent pallet truck, Panther Silent

Focus on quiet deliveries during ”silent” hours…

Increasing focus on the disturbing noise in our everyday life and extended shop opening hours increase the need for silent deliveries!

The Danish consultancy company, Incentive, and the Danish Technological Institute completed in 2014 a common project about distribution of goods outside regular business hours. The main objective was to find and develop ways to distribute products during even more hours of the day. The objective was to ensure a stable supply of goods to consumers, as well as to carry through transports during periods, in which the impact on infrastructure and environment could be reduced.

The project demonstrates the many benefits of distributing goods outside regular business hours, e.g. reducing the risk of traffic accidents and savings on fuel. However, delivering goods outside regular business hours requires great focus on minimising noise. This noise might e.g. come from the pallet trucks, transporting goods from the van to the storage area.

For many years, the Danish manufacturer of material handling equipment, Logitrans A/S, has focused on silent transport of goods. The need arose in a Norwegian supermarket chain, having stores in urban areas, as the noise from the pallet trucks moved through the concrete structures to the apartments above. This led to many complaints about the deliveries of goods during evening and night hours. In 2006, Logitrans A/S therefore developed the silent pallet truck, Panther Silent.

"Panther Silent is the perfect choice for vans, delivering goods during opening hours or during the "quiet" periods of the day: It has special soft rubber wheels (both steering and fork wheels), minimum friction of all movable parts and close tolerances. It is tested to below 60 dBA. We are also aware of the need for a silent pallet truck for heavy, hard and frequent use. Here we offer a fully powered pallet truck", says Gitte Kirkegaard Berg, CEO at Logitrans.

"We live in a 24/7 society. Supermarkets are open most of the day and night, ensuring the consumers to go shopping, whenever they want. At the same time, our tolerance to noise has changed, and we are more and more aware of noise disturbances", Gitte Kirkegaard Berg continues.

The customers are very enthusiastic about the Panther Silent, as they are not disturbed by goods being moved around in the shops. Also the shop owners are very satisfied, as they feel the satisfaction of their customers. At the same time, Panther Silent has also solved another noise problem. Many goods are delivered in crate boxes with wheels, and when empty, these crate boxes make so much noise that people stop talking! When transporting the empty crate boxes on the Panther Silent, also this transport is fully silent.


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